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Aim And Scope:

• To publish the quality research works online received from all the branches of studies.

• To generate interest and curiosity about knowledge among the researchers.

• To provide the excellent platform to scholars and boost their confidence in research and development in Higher Education.


Epitome : International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research established in May 2015 (ISSN 2395 - 6968) is a scholarly Peer Reviewed Refereed Open Access journal with a colour print. It is monthly for online and quarterly for the colour print publication. It publishes articles on English/Marathi/Hindi Language, Literature, Theory, Social Sciences. Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Soil Science, Water conservation, Biophysics, Environmental Science, Bioinformatics, Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Food Science, Medical Sciences, Engineering, Fishery Sciences, Veterinary Sciences and other related interdisciplinary areas.

The scholarly research articles not exceeding more than ten pages will be accepted for publication. The quality research papers with innovative practices to the theory will be accepted for publication. The scope of the journal is immense as it encompasses all the disciplines of knowledge. The researchers are informed to strictly follow the latest edition of MLA Style sheet. The journal is published online for the twelve months a year. Each issue is posted online with an open access, indexed internationally. It is also printed quarterly in January, April, July and October without fail. The journal is published both online and print.


Online ISSN: 2395-6968 (Monthly) 12 Online Issues per year, Colour Print Quarterly : 4 Print Issues per year

EPITOME : INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MULTIDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH is an international colour-print and Open Access Journal of English/Marathi/Hindi Language, Literature and Theory and other disciplines of knowledge. It is a monthly online and quarterly colour-print peer reviewed and refereed journal regularly publishes in January, April, July and October of every year. The journal is published both in colour-print and online. The journal publishes original and unpublished articles on Marathi/Hindi/English language, literature and theory and other disciplines. The original works not exceeding more than ten pages will be accepted. The two referees review the submissions of articles in Epitome. The journal publishes the QUALITY RESEARCH WORKS emailed from all over the world. The journal is indexed in GOOGLE SCHOLAR, INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ORGANIZED RESEARCH (I2OR) DATABASE, INTERNATIONAL IMPACT FACTOR SERVICES, DIRECTORY OF RESEARCH JOURNALS INDEXING, 2017-UNIVERSAL JOURNAL IMPACT FACTOR.

Our international Editorial Board is committed to offer a platform to budding researchers to publish their innovative quality articles. The content is reviewed and edited with the accuracy prior to the publication online and in print.

However, the Editorial Board and publisher will take no responsibility of any controversial issues resulted because of the contents or articles in the journal. Most importantly, the views and opinions expressed in the article and journal are of the authors only. It is not at all liable for any kind of demands, damages, expenses or costs and claims arising directly or indirectly in connection with the contents of the journal. The editorial board holds all the rights to revise or discard the article without entertaining the author. All rights are reserved with EIJMR.

  • • Scholarly articles on English/Marathi/Hindi language, literature and theory and other disciplines of knowledge are mostly preferred. The length of article should range in between 6000 to 10,000 words.
  • • Quality papers submitted to Epitome with a recent passport size photo and copyright form duly signed by researchers should adhere to the norms such as Times New Roman, A4 size, 14 font for Title (Capital letters), abstract with five keywords should be in 12 font for the medium of English.
  • • For the scholars using Hindi / Marathi language as a medium of expression are supposed to submit their papers with Kruti Dev 10, 16 font for Title (Capital letters) and full-length research paper not exceeding ten pages and abstract with five keywords. The researchers are expected to send their recent passport size photo and a copyright form duly signed by research scholars.
  • • The peer-review committee assesses high quality manuscripts in Epitome. The manuscripts will be accepted once the peer-review committee approves the research paper for its inclusion in the journal. The names of peer-review committee members are highly confidential for the mean practices. If the contributor of article requests for the report of reviewer, it will be supplied on request. Reviews are conducted objectively rather than subjectively.
  • • The work of Epitome is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Our Editorial Board also uses plagiarism software for the original publication of research papers in Epitome.
  • • The research papers must be free from plagiarism, fraudulent, improperly attributed materials. Relevance of topic, soundness, significance, originality, readability and language are essential factors for the acceptance of article. The article must technically sound and robust in analysis. The author should ensure that the article submitted to Epitome is original.
  • • Manuscripts submitted to Epitome via email or Submit articles are safe and confidential.
  • • The article must be submitted with an abstract in 200 words with five keywords.
  • • A researcher must submit his recent passport size photo and a Copyright form duly filled-in and signed by him to Epitome prior to the online and print publication of his/her article.
  • • The peer-review committee always assists to improve the quality of the research paper.
  • • The research submitted to Epitome must meet all the standards of quality research and useful.
  • • The final decision of the peer-review committee will be intimated to the authors individually.
  • • Selected contributors will have to bear posting and printing charges as per intimations from time to time.
  • • The latest MLA handbook should be used for writing research articles in Epitome and APA style for articles in language.
  • • The members of Epitome Editorial/Advisory Board will assist the Editor-in-Chief to accept or discard the article for online and print publication.
  • • The author must be aware of ethics of paper publication. Hence, the author is expected to be free from unlawful or scandalous statements and opinions.
  • • The journal is not at all responsible for any kind of plagiarism by the researcher. All the disputes pertaining to the publication ethics will be settled in Aurangabad (Maharashtra, India) Court only.
  • • If the member of the Epitome Editorial/Advisory Board considers article unfit for online & print publication, it will be refunded back to authors for revision and later the revised article will be sent to review committee for further evaluation. The reasons for discarding article for publication in Epitome will also be communicated to the researcher individually.