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Aim :
The aim of this Journal is to globally foster research and development in the fields of Humanities, Arts and Sciences. It publishes the Quality Research works in Higher Education challenging the existing theories related to the field of academic research in any discipline. The online Journal publishes monthly and brings out the print copy quarterly, i.e. in the month of April, July, October and January every year. However, the editor reserves the right to publish the Journal online and provides the print copy only to the contributors depending upon the availability of material and finances of EIJMR.
Scope :  
EIJMR promotes original scholarly research papers, book reviews, review articles and case studies on the following interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary themes: Language, Literature, Theory, Social Sciences. Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Soil Science, Water conservation, Biophysics, Environmental Science, Bioinformatics, Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Food Science, Medical Sciences, Engineering, Fishery Sciences, Veterinary Sciences and related interdisciplinary areas will also be taken into consideration for online publication in Epitome : International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research. The submission of a research paper in EIJMR implies that it has not previously been published and not been submitted for publication elsewhere. The researchers submit the articles with the copyright form signed via or mail or or call 8888951510 / 7776032707. 
The published research papers become the copyright of the publisher with the acceptance of the copyright form duly signed, passport size photo by the researcher for detection of plagiarism cases. The software to detect plagiarism is installed.
In the words of Dr. Gilbert Tarka Fai, University of Bamenda, Cameroon : 
"The publishing of well-researched and scholarly works together with authors' pictures in Epitome : International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research is innovative. This definitely gives credibility, authenticity, originality and beauty to the Journal. The strength of this Journal lies in its scope and quality." 
The Journal "Epitome : International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research" (ISSN : 2395-6968) is an open access. The illegal use in terms of reproduction or commercial use of articles published online is strictly prohibited. Users can use, reuse and build upon the material published in the journal but for non-commercial purposes only. Re-use of open access content, building upon content, altering and transformation are all restricted. Regarding Copyright, EIJMR holds the duly filled in and signed copyright for the published material online. To detect plagiarism, along with the software being installed, authors' passport size photos witness authenticity, creditability and  beauty to the Journal.   
Disclaimer :
Copyright © 2015, Dr. Pramod Ambadasrao Pawar. No part of this journal can be reproduced or transmitted in any form without written permission of the publisher, editor or owner. The editor, owner, printer and publisher does not accept any responsibility regarding unsolicited publication material, authenticity of data, statement, inaccurate data, opinions, results  and views expressed by the authors in articles are of their own and not of Epitome : International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research. They do not watch any claim for made by the advertisement of products and services. They do not accept any delay delivery or publication of the periodicals due to unforeseen circumstances. The editor reserves the right to suitably modify, accept or reject of research papers for publication, proof may not be necessary to send the authors and reprints would not be supplied.
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Publisher :

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